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Ten Things to Know About David Park


Learn a few insights about one of the Bay Area's favorite artists.



Ten Things to Know About David Park

A Luminary of Luminism: William Keith

Selden Conner Gile: First of the Six

Learn a few insights about one of the Bay Area's favorite artists.

Keith moved from awestruck illustration to spiritual sketches in his paintings of the Range of Light.

A true East Bay original who scruffed up Impressionism and brought Modern art to NorCal.

Fifty Shades of Grey Paint

Tonalists depict the "cool, gray city of love" in a smooth, sleek style.

The Japanese Pictorialists

Discover these Issei amateur photographers who brought Modernism to Los Angeles.

The Whimsical Art of Roy De Forest

The dogs, horses, brick men and boats of De Forest's wild and crazy style are pure NorCal..

LA Women: Agnes Pelton

Before Burning Man, before Coachella, artists found inspiration and spirituality in the desert .

LA Women: Henrietta Shore

An iconoclast who stayed connected to  nature in her life and art.

LA Women: Helen Lundeberg

A classical Surrealist who evoked moods and emotions through simple, elegant forms.


The Streets of Los Angeles

Landscape becomes streetscape as freeways, gas stations, hot dog stands, and car crashes appear in art.


Art or craft? Art and craft? In three California makers, practicality, skill, and whimsy impress.

The New Topographers


In the 1970s, a group of young artists noticed that freeways and subdivisions were also part of the Western landscape. I lived there, too.

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